Icons are workhorses.

They are universal and non-verbal.

In concert with clear text or data, they speak volumes.

HP Icons

Icons enrich the stories we tell about HP. An icon isn't a decorative visual element, it's a functional tool—designed to engage, inform and guide audiences. Our icons communicate a specific distinguishing feature, function, attribute or benefit. 

Although applied in different spaces, our icons are all built following a consistent style. They are designed to be simple, clear, and purposeful. 

  • System icons

  • Feature icons

System Icons

Icons are used on products (hardware and solutions), hardware displays and on the web to guide users, signal status alerts and provide troubleshooting tips. Because these icons are simple and immediately recognizable, they communicate a lot of information about functionality options in a small space.

Feature Icons

Essentially used in a supporting role to provide clarity and add meaningful context. Also known as Marketing icons, they help audiences to identify product features and functionality, they enrich the stories we tell about HP, and highlight key messages or reinforce information hierarchy.

Need an Icon?

If you can’t find an existing icon to fit your needs, there are different ways you can get a new one designed, depending on the type of icon. Please reach out to the Corporate Brand team and we’ll guide you.