Every photo tells a story. 

Let’s make it a good one.

Captured moments

Photos are like magic. They can tell a story, inspire, introduce, entice, explore or explain. They can provide ancillary dialogue or communicate nuance. Their versatility and impact make them powerful, essential tools. At the highest level, our photos deliver on our brand attributes of driven, uplifting, imaginative and inclusive and deliver them in very specific ways. 

By being: 

  • Authentic and honest 
  • Human and hopeful 
  • Diverse and inclusive

Authentic and honest

The faces and environments we show should reflect the real world. Authentic photos are conscious of the world around us without being staged or contrived like fake smiles, unnatural poses, and forced excitement. They capture real and imperfect moments that are relatable and engaging. They draw our audience in and emotionally connect us.

Human and hopeful

A human face captures our attention faster than anything else because we are hard-wired to stop and look. When we show hopeful people, it adds dimension to our stories. Ensuring that those people are relatable and interesting, working on things that matter to them and relating to others or with our products, adds even more.

Diverse and inclusive

There is power and responsibility in the photos we choose. When our photos reflect the diversity in our world, we honor our customers, partners and employees. Incorporating diversity and inclusion from the onset, enables us to reflect it honestly and respectfully. Include people of all ethnicities, genders, ages, physicality and orientations.

People photography

Use a documentary/editorial photography style that is journalistic in nature.  These images capture people and their personal experiences, hobbies, skills, and professions. Highlight them as unique individuals, and share their stories through HP. 

When capturing people, the product should be secondary. The purpose of people photography is to bring humanity to the HP brand, not to force product into the human story.

New HP photography using this style is currently available on HP Asset Hub.

Product photography

HP spends a lot of time thoughtfully designing their products, so the product photography should reflect these carefully designed attributes and not be clouded with extraneous information, props, lighting, etc. We want to set a precedent for quality, details, features, and product design.

We adopt a “no-nonsense” but “artistic” approach to product photography. This is a formalist exploration of HP products and their unique shapes and features, emphasizing their design and engineering qualities.

These images are sophisticated, curated, and intentional in nature. The success and power of these images come from their confidence. There is a simplicity and purity to them, because they are free of gimmicks, decoration, props, or additional items. The focus is on form, composition, shape, texture, surface, lines, and space, as well as highlighting the material, surface, and production quality.

Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some pitfalls to avoid and examples of the image types and styles to watch out for.

Clichés and stereotypes



Choose images that represent concepts in meaningful and relevant ways.

Don’t use unrealistic metaphors, environments, or people interacting

Products in use



Show genuine HP products

Don’t show technology that could be mistaken for a competitor’s product

Outdated content and styling



Make sure clothes and styling reflects today’s environment and culture

Don’t use images that look dated or inappropriate

Heavily filtered photographs



Use natural and realistic lighting

Don’t use artificial or overly embellished color treatments




Document real moments in real spaces

Don’t use over decorated or perfect to be believable environments

  • Clichés and stereotypes

  • Products in use

  • Outdated content and styling

  • Heavily filtered photographs

  • Space

Sourcing Imagery

HP’s Asset Hub provides access to a wide range of HP digital marketing assets including photography for your use.

If you choose to license stock photography, please follow HP brand guidelines and have the appropriate usage rights and clearances met.