Frequently Asked Questions

New Identity Transition

  • Why are we making changes to the HP visual identity?
    HP should show up when opening your laptop or printer box, reading through a product brochure, or seeing an HP spot on TV. As such, the new identity was developed for all HP brand touchpoints. These guidelines and tools will allow us to maintain quality and distinctiveness from every corner of the globe while also driving consistency across the brand.
  • How does this new identity affect other company programs using old branding elements like HP Simplified?
    Following the company-wide launch, we expect programs to assess the ability to move to the new identity to create a cohesive, unified brand experience.
  • Should I immediately adjust all my assets? What about existing assets that are in-market, or already developed/printed – do I need to change those?
    We recognize that the previous identity is still in use across HP. We do not expect any additional investments on reworking assets where old branding elements are currently in use. However, moving forward we are asking that all new assets adhere to the new identity guidelines. As you roll-out new assets, you can start using the new style. But a choice needs to be made as we don’t want both styles mixed in the same asset or campaign.
  • When I create assets using the new brand identity, do I need approval? Is there a review process?
    The creative approval process for the Marketing organization has not changed. Please refer to the Creative Review Process (https://hp.sharepoint.com/teams/PrintMarketingNPI/SitePages/print-marketing-creative-reviews.aspx) overview available in Marketing Hub. For all other organizations, as a rule of thumb, not everything needs to go through a brand review – be considerate and focus on the basic guidelines for brand identity in this website. And if you have any questions, reach out to the Brand Central team (brandcentral@hp.com).
  • When will training take place for the new brand visual identity?
    A first wave of training took place over the past months for "creators" – mostly the Marketing organization and creative agencies. We'll be planning training sessions to attend other groups in the future.
  • Who can I go to for questions about the new visual identity?
    We will be hosting office-hours along the next few months to answer questions and provide further support.


  • Can I modify the HP logo?
    Do not modify the logo or combine it with any other elements (graphic or copy) and do not use the HP logo as a replacement for letters in word or part of another logo. Please refer to the Logo section of this website for more information on logo usage.
  • Can I use the HP logo in other colors?
    The available HP logo colors are approved by our Executive Leadership Team and no other logo colors can be created or used without prior executive approval.
  • In which circumstances we use the blue logo?
    The blue logo should be the primary option for all corporate applications. Use the blue logo to proudly display our heritage and solid reputation everytime HP is presented as a unified company and in all employee communications.
  • What happens to the progress mark?
    The progress mark is reserved for specific product categories and limited to product design and packaging. It is not to be used for communications and marketing.
  • How the new identity affects other sub-brands like Wolf, OMEN, Z by HP, and HP+?
    OMEN and Z by HP and Wolf Security will continue to have unique brand identities. Please refer to the specific OMEN and Z guidelines. In the case of HP+, the Print Marketing team will continue to work off existing playbooks but is exploring ways to incorporate HP+ in the new Vis ID framework.
  • Can family brands have their own independent identity from HP? What are the guidelines for creating sub-brands?
    All HP family brands and sub-brands are approved by the Executive Leadership Team. Before creating any product or solution brand, reach out to a brand manager on your business group or to the Brand Central team.
  • I want to create a logo for my group. Can you tell me the rules I should follow to ensure it meets the HP standards?
    To maintain a strong, singular brand for HP, organizations should not create any visual assets that represent a group, team, department, club, program, etc. That includes, but is not limited to logos, icons, emblems, insignias, images, and drawings. If there is a business reason to create a new logo, please reach out to the Global Marketing or Corporate Brand team to know how to proceed.
  • Can I lock any taglines with the HP logo?
    No taglines can be locked up with the HP logo.
  • What is the process to approve a third party (vendor, supplier, partner) to display the HP logo in their communications, showcasing our connection with them?
    Limitation of usage of our brand by a third party is usually covered in the business contract. We do not typically allow 3rd parties to use the HP logo or reference as it denotes endorsement for that vendor or solution. To make sure we limit, monitor, and track those who want to use the HP brand, we ask that all requests are submitted to the Brand Central team.


  • Where can I download the new font?
    Global IT has deployed an installation package for some of the available languages to all HP employee assigned PCs. If your package wasn’t installed, please connect to the VPN to make sure the corporate update will process correctly. You can also go to MyITApps on your desktop. Open it and locate the apps for different Forma DJR font languages. You might need to restart your computer to see the fonts working.
  • When new languages of the new font will be available?
    We are looking to expand the font library for Arabic, Devanagari, Greek, Hebrew and Thai Loopless. We will also introduce comparable World Fonts with 20 Style (no Light) for Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Are we still allowed to use HP Simplified? Where?
    We would prefer that customer-facing communication use Forma DJR wherever possible. Internally, we will eventually move away from HP Simplified and instead adopt either Forma DJR or more universally used fonts (e.g., Arial) for use in email or other communications.
  • Will partner agencies be able to use the new font?
    Yes, partner agencies will be able to use the new font hosted at Asset Hub.
  • What is the system default or fallback font? Is it still Arial?
    Yes, the system default or fallback font will be Arial if Forma DJR is unavailable.

Color palette

  • Will we still use HP blue? In which circumstances?
    HP blue can be used in circumstances such as internal-only communication, corporate communications where the blue is integral to the subject.
  • When and how to combine color and neutrals?
    Color blocks are used within layouts primarily in combination with Typography. A single color with gradual use of blocking and saturation is allowed. Neutral layout options are provided in the guidelines used exclusively when warranted. Please refer to the Color section for more explicit references to the use of color in both background treatment as well as layout.
  • Are certain colors best suited for particular product families or categories?
    The current color system is not meant to assign specific colors to specific products. Instead, the colors are meant to be used interchangeably over time. Any product can be any color if the context allows for it.
  • Does the color palette selected meet accessibility standards for contrast?
    The color palette selection included a review and testing using accessibility standards related to contrast. The guidelines include use of a black logo with black typography versus color typography.


  • Should icons be always black or white, matching the line color besides weight?
    Icons will match the font color (black or white). Please use the icons that were refreshed last year here.
  • Can I create my own icons? I can’t find an icon that I need, for my presentation. Can I just get one from the Internet?
    Icons are one of the elements in our visual identity system that help create consistency on how we communicate with our stakeholders. There’s a process for creating new icons. We strongly recommend you do not download images from the Internet as we might incur in copyright issues. Not to mention lack of consistency with our look & feel.
  • How do I access the iconography library?
    Feature (marketing) icons can be found on Asset Hub. System icons can be found on Veneer. Consult the Iconography page to access direct links to these locations.
  • Do you have a PowerPoint with all icons?
    We have a very limited sample of icons available in the new PowerPoint template. We don’t keep an offline collection or file of all icons. Asset Hub is where we host all our icons.
  • I need to develop an icon to represent an application I’m creating. What should I do?
    App or software icons are like logos. They require a more sophisticated look than a regular feature icon. They need to be memorable and communicate what that solution stands for. While we don’t have specific design guidelines for this type of icons, we have a few recommendations to make sure they are not in conflict with HP’s brand look & feel: - Do not incorporate the HP logo in the icon/logo design - Final logo design must be cleared by the Trademarks team - If there is an existing feature icon used to identify the solution, it would be smart to try and replicate the concept, but with a look that is more appealing to its nature (application).


  • Will there be a library or repository for photography in the new style?
    All photography that delivers against our new visual identity will be housed in Asset Hub.
  • Besides guidelines and training, is there a pool of photographers we should use to ensure consistency in photography style?
    We will be pulling together a pool of photographers whose work is in keeping with the new identity direction.
  • For large enterprise products, what is the approach for documentary style people photography?
    The guidelines are meant to offer a framework and approach for any photography associated with customer-facing assets. The photography team can assist groups in exploring and problem solving.
  • Where can I go if I can’t find a photo I need in our library?
    While the HP owned images are preferred, if you find an existing stock photo that meets the HP requirements then it may be used. Please make sure you obtain the appropriate usage rights and clearances before using a third party owned image.


  • When will new templates be available with this identity?
    In support of the new guidelines, we’ll be developing new templates along the next quarters. Please keep visiting our website for new assets and templates.
  • Can I create a different presentation template from the corporate one offered on this site?
    Yes, you can. The provided template is just a starting point in case you don’t know how to brand your presentation appropriately. As long as you are using our brand elements in the right way, you can create something different.
  • I noticed that the new presentation templates don’t have copyright information at the bottom of the slides. Should we include it in our presentations?
    You no longer must include a copyright date and text in your presentations. However, it is important that we protect the information and facts that are in our presentations. So, you should use the appropriate confidentiality statement in your internal and external presentations as needed. Please visit the Global Legal Affairs website for more information.
  • When making joint presentations with a partner, do we keep our slides in separate identities?
    We should always try to maintain our identity when presenting HP products, solutions, or services.


  • I want to order new HP business cards. What should I do?
    Business Cards and other print stationery should be ordered through SmartBuy or P360.
  • Will there be changes to HP stationery items? i.e. business cards, letterheads
    Currently, there are no plans to change HP stationery items.


  • Where can I find guidelines for the web?
    HP.com guidelines can be found at https://ux.hp.com/


  • Where can I find Events guidelines?
    Each event may have different audiences and objectives where key assets may be introduced in various layout configurations. Please refer to the overall guidelines with respect to use of photography, color, typography and layout and work with your agency or Corporate Events team to apply them based on your specific creative goals and objectives.


  • Where can I find HP office signage guidelines?
    All currently available documentation for HP Workplace Signage can be found on the Downloads section.



  • Where can I find HP historic photos and documents?
    All HP employees have access to the Hewlett-Packard Corporate Archive.

Company name

  • When and how do I use HP versus HPI and HP Inc.?
    HP is our official brand name. It is used in marketing contexts such as advertising, websites, and social media. HP precedes family brand, flagship family brand, ingredient brand, and go-to-market offering names, and it is used in names of endorsed subsidiaries (e.g., “An HP Company”) and some endorsed brands (e.g. “by HP”). HP Inc. is our official company name. It must be emphasized in business cards (where it is the legal entity), financial reports, communications to investors and analysts, press releases, and internal communications that are non-marketing in nature (e.g., email and other materials related to employee benefits). HP Inc. should be used when referencing the global operating company entity, e.g., most legal notices on websites, documents, and presentations. HP Inc. may be used when specifically needed to distinguish between the two post-separation entities. HP Inc. should be written with a period at the end and no comma between “HP” and “Inc.” Hewlett Packard should be used when specifically referencing the company that preceded the separation into HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. On a case-by-case exception basis, “Hewlett Packard” may be used to precede brand or offering names, given the global brand team’s approval (e.g., the Hewlett Packard 12C calculator). Any other use of “Hewlett Packard” must be specifically approved by the global brand team. Never hyphenate “Hewlett Packard” HPI was purely an internal abbreviation used pre-split. There is no need to use HPI anymore. We are HP. Assume all other naming and nomenclature remains unchanged unless specifically called out. For any usage exception requests, please reach out to the global brand team for approval.

Site access

  • How can my agency access the HP Brand Guidelines?
    The new Brand Central website is open. Anyone can access and navigate through pages. However only approved users with an HP Account can download assets and documents from the site. Non-HP employees need to Register for an HP ID Account. They will be asked to add the email of an HP Sponsor. Once you get the approval request email, just click on the link and the new user will be able to access.