Nuance is everything and sub-brands are how we deliver it. 


A limited number of brands live outside of our corporate brand architecture. Even though our company has legal ownership over these offers, they have little to no brand connection to HP. By virtue of being independent, the level of visual and verbal association varies based on the strategic relationship with HP.


Our OMEN brand is working to make the gaming ecosystem better and more inclusive for everyone by creating technology that allows gamers to play at their very best.


At HyperX, we are driven by passion to shape the culture of gaming by empowering everyone to achieve their best. Our peripherals are made to enhance everyone’s gaming life with solutions that are purpose-built, designed and tested, and fine-tuned with the gamer in mind. We know that whatever you play, however you play, we’re all gamers. See you in the queue, #HyperXFamily.

Z by HP

Z by HP creates high-performance laptops, desktops, displays and solutions designed to equip technical and creative pros in their journey to keep evolving. 

HP Wolf Security

HP Wolf Security provides comprehensive endpoint protection and resiliency that starts at the hardware level and extends across software and services. We deliver a new breed of endpoint security, rooted in Zero Trust principles, that is continually evolving to help our customers stay ahead of modern threats.​

HP Anyware

HP Anyware is the enterprise software IT needs to keep people productive with secured access to their digital workspaces. Anyware creates a seamless experience for teams to interact with their digital workspaces from virtually anywhere.

Fitstation by HP

A wave of transformation from biometrics to personalized products. A tech brand that’s reinventing personalization and making it accessible to the world. Fitstation is part of HP’s innovation edge, in collaboration with third-party players.